23 Dec. 2021

A magical project.

Signatur Projekt Wimmer, Esstisch

Once the SIGNATUR boards are so long that it‘s impossible to find the abutting joints and all the connections were made perfectly, that‘s when we have fulfilled our profession ideally. We adore individual projects that challenge us. Our results speak for themselves and we are proud every time that we get to see the smile on a satisfied client that doesn’t just broaden over both sides of his face but even over the new table (to reach everyone around)

SIGNATUR solid wood planks in a special color

SIGNATURE TABLES with a specially developed surface

WEISS reclaimed wood

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Work NR III will always remain.

Work NR III will always remain.

Modernized and completely restored, the building is given a new meaning. The former foundry of SAG in Lend goes from aluminum to wood. We renew the halls sustainably and carefully and lead them to their new purpose. With great skill and foresight, we try to maintain...

We give the raw wood the time it needs.

We give the raw wood the time it needs.

It is an art to find the perfect raw wood for our signature solid wood floorboards and tables and to cherish and care for it over the years. But good things take time. We give the wood at least 2, better still 4 years in order to create good conditions for the...

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